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The primary objective of our journey is to give us an understanding of India from a very different lens and perspective. To put it very simply, we knew more about cultures from the west and the east as opposed to our ones at home. We graduate in May of 2011 and most of us will be working, studying and in all probability staying in India itself, how then can we expect ourselves to be highly proficient and competent without knowing our own country?

The Discover India Project or DIP is aimed at understanding and imbibing a cultural and heritage aspect of India. Out entire batch, essentially went to a separate corner of the country and there was not a single state that overlapped.

Much has been said about the Narmada; we wanted to know why, feel why and hopefully understand why. If you were to ask us what the true aim of the project was, it was nothing but exploration and self-discovery. The academic aim however was to see, study and document river culture up close. The importance of water as a resource is very well highlighted. We wished to study, people, religions and temples all along the river. No one from our group has ever stayed close to a river the size of the Narmada and one that has such an important place in India.

The most underlying factor that prompted our decision to follow the river was because we would not be defined to one place. The very fact that we were travelling from one place to another, we saw so much more than we would have expected. The most daunting part of the journey was walking into the unknown. How many times have we as individuals walked into a city, armed with just research asking questions and truly believing and convincing your friends that the journey will have a big impact on your and their lives?

To live is to revel in the little things; the flowing water, the endless roads, the resounding laughter, the simple joy of packing your bags and discovering the unknown. Life is a collection of phrases and words – it is a journey. It is the ability to laugh at our selves. It is the ability to see the caricature in a photo...



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Thanks for sharing information to world about Narmada Maa.
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