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We walked in to a tiny temple, a few dozen miles away from the city of Jabalpur. We explored the temple, not too many people were there as it was the middle of summer and in that scorching heat I don’t think too many people were up to climbing a little hill to get there.

So we split up and started exploring, the rest of my group was busy talking to the ‘pujari’, trying to find out the details, whereas I was exploring with my lens. The entire inner was filled with different sculptures, most dating back centuries. I had gotten through more than a hundred photographs when it was time to go.

So with a quick review of the pictures I had taken, I started walking toward the exit of the little courtyard, just then a little boy came up to me and asked me for a rupee. Looking at the kid, I felt pity and I told him I’d give him food, but he insisted on the rupee, so I gave it to him.

What he did then has been burned into my memory; he walked up to the ‘hundi’ and put the rupee into it and walked away. He came back and all he said – “Shagun ke liye”, which would mean, “as a token”; a token that I visited that temple and was blessed.


“When a person ignores the base instinct of hunger and offers you his last morsel of food; you are in the presence of the Narmada.”