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On the banks

They sit and wonder,

Will the lady adorned in white really appear?

For this pain is tiring, despair unending.




Thought you had all the answers

For you were born before us

And will be the last to leave.

Thence, I come to you

With doubts and troubles

I will live with you for three years or more,

Walking beside you day after day

Breathing the air you breathe,

Eating the food you offer.


Answer my questions, will you?





 All come to you for peace and as surreal as it may seem,

They continually get more.

What is it that you offer them?





Man or beast

Criminal or lover

All of them, you treat the same.

Always giving, never taking.

Can one ever live like you?



The moon, set against the azure sky

Shines down on us: we prodigal son and daughter.

We walk along with the river, amidst the moon light while we mask our disbelief.


Yes, this is nature.

Larger than all of us

How, then are we so reckless?




And there we stood at the edge of the horizon

Beaming at the lucidity of the water in all its might,

Realizing at that moment that lives come as easy as they go,

Most turn back into dust,

With stones remaining untouched

These will experience the stories of tomorrow.

To futility I say hello.

Who is in control?


“When a person ignores the base instinct of hunger and offers you his last morsel of food; you are in the presence of the Narmada.”