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Age: 87


1. What can you tell us about the Narmada?

It is written in the old ‘Granthas’ that it is ‘Pavitra.’ I am a huge follower of the Vedas and old religious texts. It has therefore generated my interest towards this river in particular. It is said and I have noticed that whoever stays next to the Narmada never goes unfed. Narmada ‘mata’ always takes care of them. The rivers will forever give you food, shelter and clothing.


2. Have you ever seen the Narmada ‘mata’?

Yes, the ‘mata’ always comes to me in a white sari and gives me food. Also, if someone loses their way during the course of the Parikrama, the ‘mata’ guides them. Once, I was in a cave during heavy rains. I realized after sometime that several snakes were also at vicinity, however none of them harmed me and I slept in peace. It was just my confidence in the Narmada ‘mata’ that led me to continue to stay with the snakes that day.


3. Do you believe that the Narmada grants wishes?

Oh yes! All you have to do in close your eyes, hope and jump into the water. But, it is important to jump into the water.


4. What does the Narmada mean to you?

It is God; which ever you may call it, in its purest form.


5. Which is the best form of Parikrama according to you?

I think it is important to go on foot, as you can travel with the beautiful curves of the river. The riverside is absolutely break taking. Just be aware of the sun.


“There was a time when I used to believe in the good in this world. I visited the Narmada. Now, I believe in the great.”