Children Along the River PDF Print E-mail

Ages – 13 to 15


Non verbal cues – Extremely excited. Running up and down the steps. Follow us around for a while as they are very fascinated with the video camera.


1. Are you all from Hoshangabad?

Yes ( in chorus).


2. What do you’ll do?

We are in school. But the summer vacation is now on. School will re open in one week.

We come here every day. There has not even been one day in the whole year, since years that we have not come here.


3. What is the purpose of your coming here?

We have a lot of fun. Full masti. All friends are here, many relatives have come down from their home towns. So, it is really good fun. We play here and jump in the river.


4.  Do you dirty the river?

No. we don’t throw anything in the river. We don’t even use soap while having a bath.


5. Do you stop people from dirtying the river? Other children? Your friends?

Sometimes we do. (all giggle and laugh) But, the naavwale (boat men) clean the river. They put nets from their boat and collect all the waste that’s floating on the water.


6. Do they teach you anything regarding the river at school?

No, nothing really. We come here every day as there is no other place of entertainment in the city. This ghaat is where everyone meets in the evenings.


7. Do you know the importance of the river?

Yaahan pe aane se sub paap mitt e hai aaisa log kehte hai. Otherwise, there is no other knowledge that we have about the importance of the river.


“A man in love with his environment is the happiest man in the universe.”