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Age – 64


Non verbal Cues – Sitting alone gazing at the river. Looks besotted by its beauty! Is formally clothed, as if belonging to an extremely disciplined background. Also, looks wise like a grandfather.


1. Namaste Sir. We are researching about the Narmada. Can you tell us something about the river out of your years of experience?

I retire some years ago and since then I have been literally living by the river. My wife died some years ago and the river has been my support since them. Even before, she used to be a life giver but after that unfortunate event, I have got solace and peace by her banks.


2. Do you also bathe in the river?

Yes, in the morning I bathe and in the evening I just come and sit and look at the river. I also chant sometimes. However I don’t perform any poojas here on the banks.


3. Is there any reason for that?

(Smiles) Everybody has their businesses to keep.

It is a very good thing that you’ll are doing. I urge you’ll do do it with all your heart and soul. These are the kind of things that need to be given importance to.


4. Anything about the pollution that is now plaguing the river?

This pollution should be controlled. Or it is going to take away the beauty and the richness of the river. It will be a great loss.


“When a person ignores the base instinct of hunger and offers you his last morsel of food; you are in the presence of the Narmada.”