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Age: 72


1. Why are you on the banks on the river Narmada?

I am here because tomorrow is Purnima. I have come to offer the river my prayers. I also earn money by performing ‘Pooja-Phat.


2. Have you ever performed the Parikrama?

Yes, fortunately I have. I was too weak to do it on foot, but I have managed to complete it with the aid of a vehicle.


3. What has fascinated you about the river?

Narmada ‘mata’ has helped me enormously. My friend and I came to Bhopal as my friend was suffering from Tuberculosis. Someone told us that the Parikrama would help cure the disease. We had nothing to lose and decided to take part in this journey. After a few months, my friend’s disease had been cured.

But, this is not science. It is belief. I realized that belief of people can be altered. Since then, whenever I come to the river I fill a bottle of its water and whenever someone is sick, I offer them a sip. They say they feel better in a couple of hours. When this water eventually gets over, I fill the same bottle with normal water and this phenomenon still persists. It’s so unreal. People are ready to believe anything that gives them a little hope. Whatever the mind thinks or wants, it happens.


4. But why do you think Narmada is called ‘maya?’

It is believed that when people went for the Parikrama earlier, and whenever they faced difficulties such as losing their path or no food, a lady in white has always come to help them. They consider this lady to be ‘magic’ and have called her ‘Narmada ‘mata’.’


5. What does the Narmada mean to you?

It is one of the most beautiful rivers I have come across in India. Its curves and flow are unusual, thus adding to the beauty.


“When a person ignores the base instinct of hunger and offers you his last morsel of food; you are in the presence of the Narmada.”