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Age: 62 years


1. Have you ever done the Parikrama?

Yes, by foot and vehicle. I find the parikrama on foot better.


2. What does the Narmada mean to you?

Narmada literally means ‘the giver or pleasure’

It is the only river that is not married. It therefore started crying from Amarkantak and till this day it cries continuously and flows throughout the year. Even in the summer, there will be some part of the river that is not dry. The Narmada is very sacred and it is said to have been formed from the sweat of the lord Shiva. It is the only river that flows westwards into the Arabian Sea and therein is its importance.


3. Can you tell us something extraordinary about the river?

Every single part of the river itself is enticing. You must have heard the stories of the Narmada ‘mata’.


4. Yes, can you elaborate?

Well, people believe that a lady in white always feeds them when they are hungry. But, this is not true. You will always find a kind person help another but it is not the ‘lady in white.’ It is a common man. Parikramvasis are always welcomed by the people who live near the river.


5. What do you think about the pollution of the river by religious practices of people?

The river is becoming very dirty because of all the ashes that are deposited there. The flowers and the plastic lamps that is used during ‘pooja-phat’ are also causing harm. The people need to be educated before more harm is done.


“When a person ignores the base instinct of hunger and offers you his last morsel of food; you are in the presence of the Narmada.”