Shiv Charan Das Yadav, Hoshangabad PDF Print E-mail

Age: 78


1. What can you tell us about the Narmada?

When I was your age, I left home tired of mankind and alike. I travelled wide and far. I visited the Himalayas, the Ganaga, the Bhramaputa and finally my destiny brought me to the Narmada. Here, I found my calling. My peace. It’s source is from the Amarkantak. It is the daughter of Shiva and it is not married. This is one of the river’s specialties. The river is almost alive. I can feel it when I lay by the river side at night, when I get up in the morning to the sun rise, when I meditate. It is magical.


2. Do you believe in the Namrada ‘mata’?

Yes, she is a lady who only wears white. She gives food to the hungry, but only a few good   men. Not everyone as one often thinks.


3. Have you any favorite locations from where you would like to see the river?

I like the Ghwari Ghat in Jabalpur. I go there a lot for darshan.


4. What do you about the pollution that surrounds the river?

Oh! It is a river, it will reinvent itself. People have to be careful but they won’t. It is their nature to be reckless beings. But, I feel that the Narmada likes being worshipped. Worshipping has its own importance. People lay the ashes in the river so that the soul can attain ‘mukti.’ It is a belief that is thousands of years old, to change this will almost be impossible.


5. What is the Narmada to you?

It is the only thing that has kept me from taking my life. The beauty of it makes me surrender myself to the river. There is nothing else in life that is worth living for.


“There was a time when I used to believe in the good in this world. I visited the Narmada. Now, I believe in the great.”