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1. What according to you is the importance of Narmada for MP as a whole?

Actually Narmada is the life line of MP. Most of the cities will be fed by Narmada water for drinking, second electricity, we have our 2 or 3 Hydro-power projects which are being bulid/ already build on Narmada, so Narmada is life line of MP. This is one river which flows around the entirely length of MP. It starts in Amarkantak and goes till Gujarat.


2. Can you elaborate futhur on its importance in the future and how .. as you said its going to be feeding Bhopal and indore via pipe line. Will it happen in other cities as well?

Most of the cities which are near or may be somewhat around 100 KM radius will be fed by Narmada. Most of these cities will be fed by Narmada. So u can say it is the lifeline. Water will be the lifeline and if you don’t have water you don’t have anything. From today, if the government of MP start thinking about Narmada, then it can be preserved for lifetime, as lot has been lost.


3. If you want to bring out any policy for conversation of Nsarmada, what will it be your first two or three steps?

First definitely will to planting lots of trees ..


4. But trees take 30 to 40 years to grow..

Okay, yes. But unless you grow the trees today, you won’t have trees left 20 years down the line. Then No tree, so no Rain. Second the trees which are on the banks of narmada, their sewage have to be corrected so that their sewage doesn’t flow into the river. This is one big thing which we need to take care of.


5. From Business man perspective, how important is narmada to you and to your industry?

Basically MP is an agrarian economy, so if we have good water in the river then definitely agriculture will be we good. And the economy starts with the farmer, if he has a good produce he will sell it in the mandi (market), he will get good money, he will buy the commodities in the market. So the economy starts with the farmer and farmer are basically depend on rain water.


6. Is there any future to harvest the water from narmada in the form of irrigation?

Yes it can be done. In fact the Sardar Sarovar Project all the cannels are built on it. Sardar Sarovar is all narmada and gujrath is getting good advantage of it. I think they have channelized the water till kaach from Narmada.


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