Uma Shanker Chobey - Forest officer, Hoshangabad PDF Print E-mail

1. How old is the ghat?

The construction of the ghat started in 2000. Then this ghat came in control of the Jan Sankhaia samiti. And this ghat even could not complete. It is this condition from the last 4 years. Only cement.


2. What is the importance of Narmada to you?

I myself have seen magic happening over here. I had also read somewhere that Narmada has magical powers and other stories like a person fell from the mountain but still dint die but I never believed in it. But once when I was constructing the ghat in 2004, we were actually increasing the width of the bank with a 3 horse power motor we used to do it. We used to work 24 hrs a day. Once at night, when we were cutting the stone beneath me, the stone above me fell on me, which had approximately 2 tons of sand in it. Due to which my left leg’s bone was broken. There were compound fractures. There was no possibility that I would have lived. The people took 15-20 minutes to pull me out of the heap of sand.

On the way to the hospital, it just slip from my mouth that how many day’ will you keep me here? It was 2 PM in the night, the doctor told that I can’t operate right now, so suddenly I told, it ok, you can come at your normal time, I won’t die. If I had to die, I would have died there only, near Narmada. Between that time, 3 operation were done of different parts of the body and I was released from the Narmada hospital and the doctor their said that this is the first time in my life that someone who is so injured and released in 15 days. So this is the magic which I have seen in my life.


3. Are they any ritual or ceremony which is followed for this river?

Yes. One is the Parikrama Puja. Parikarma is a way of worshiping god Narmada. An arati is done on mostly every ghat on the bank of Narmada. People used to do arati at every ghat at the same time but now due to political interference, people now a day’s do only at the main ghat. Narmada janti is one of the best and biggest festival organized I whole of the MP and it the


4. Are they any ancient rituals which are followed except the arati?

People here have the importance for having a dip in the river so that all their sins are washed. People come every 15 days to do the arati. Every full moon day people come and worship the river. People who have fever and other minor disease, when they take a dip in the water, it is believed that in the 2nd dip only all disease go away.


“You can learn a lot from a river; persistence and patience. In the beginning you go around an obstacle and over time you slowly break it down.”