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There are moments that define a person’s life. Moments that can shape a character strongly enough to transform it. Moments of discovery, of realization, of truth, of reality. Moments of togetherness, of love, of solidarity, of oneness. Madhya Pradesh gave us these moments. And the credit extends to every person that helped create this experience for us.

Right from those that gave birth to the concept of the Discover India Project to those without whom the idea could never have been implemented. From those that silently supported us to those that continuously reassured us of their presence. From those that made us laugh and created some unforgettable memories to those that were always there while we cried because of the dead ends we faced.

Each person has contributed in shaping a young, enterprising 20 year old’s life. And the project would be incomplete without appreciating their effort.

We would like to thank Mr. Parag Shah, Chariman of FLAME and Prof. Indira Parekh President of FLAME. Their vision was the reason why the Discover India project was constituted and this foresight has now significantly impacted our lives. We would also like to thank the FLAME management for providing us with the financial aid for the field work.

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the DIP committee, especially Prof. Vinay Hardikar and Prof. Nandita Wagle for their continuous support, motivation and guidance. Though we may have had several disagreements in the course of time, they were always there to push us forward. Prof. Cristina Furtado, for her help and suggestions with the analytical report gave us direction and made it easier for us.

Prof. Ashutosh Mishra, our mentor was a continuous support through out our research project. Prof. Shirisha Sathe, with her love for the river, added enthusiasm and important insights to improve the quality of our project.

Trying to find our ground in a new state in a limited amount of time, needs meticulous planning and logistical perfection – to be able to extract the maximum from the journey. Most of the credit for the comfort of our field work goes to Shri Sumeet Maheshwari of the Nav Bharat Times – he believed in our project and gave us access to the best resources in the various cities and towns that we hoped to visit.

The people of the newspaper helped us with accommodation, food and transport. Their presence enabled us to meet some important contributors to the Narmada Valley’s growth and character. Mr. Kamal Paliwal of Bhopal, Mr. Deewan of Hoshangabad, Mr. Gupta and Mr. Nilesh of Jabalpur, Mr, Rahul Panday, Mr. T.K Das and Mr. Prasanna Chaubey of Amarkantak and Mr. Pandey of Mandla guided us and helped us. They went out of their way and encouraged our purpose, motivating us further.

Along with the above, we would like to thank Mr. Lakhan Rai and Dr. Chourasiya for accompanying us to the tribal villages and making the interaction with them extremely fruitful.

We would also like to thank our Drivers Rajen and Yashwant for making our travel comfortable, safe and a whole lot of fun.



+1 # Bhanu Prasad 2010-10-19 13:04
Very Professional and informative website.
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+1 # Kalyani 2010-10-19 19:15
Many thanks for helping get a feel of the great Narmada.
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0 # Awadhesh 2012-03-03 19:22
Can I get map of Narmada from source to destination. I am looking for each and every town/city that is in bank of Narmada.
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