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The term ‘River Goddess’ is not myth. A goddess is one who nurtures, protects and sometimes ravages; the Narmada does the same.

The idea of following a river was given to us by a lady whose passion in life is reading and travelling. The more we read, the more fascinated we were. The more we spoke, the more excited we became. What started out as a lesson in geography, was soon developing into a sense of adventure, restlessness for travel and a pursuit of discovery. Our priority was no longer the destination but was the journey itself. There were many times when we doubted ourselves as a group, questioned the idea, questioned ourselves and our beliefs. Until we heard this..

Maa Rewa tharo paani nirmal....
Maa Rewa tharo paani nirmal
khal khal behto jaaye..

Amarkanth se nikli O rewa
jann jann kari rayo thaari sewa
sewa se sab pawe mewa,
aso ved puran batayo re

“Maa Rewa” is by a band that call themselves the Indian Ocean. In its literal translation and meaning, the song is addressed to the Maa Rewa or Maa Narmada.  It says that ‘the water of the river Narmada is extremely pure and flows constantly. Ever since You originated from Amarkantak, everyone has been worshipping You without exception. Every person who worships You, finds release from their troubles and this fact has been stated in the Puranas.

In our travels, we covered a distance of over 1,400 kilometers and it was the most fulfilling journey of our life. It was challenging to complete this journey without talking about and mentioning the dam. Since the dam was a very sensitive topic, we decided to steer away from further discussion regarding this.

Now following any river is a journey of self-exploration, discovery and enlightenment. This website aims to make tangible and immortalize our journey. As an ongoing venture, our team will monitor this website regularly and try and quench the thirst of those that seek more.

We hope you enjoy going through it.


“There was a time when I used to believe in the good in this world. I visited the Narmada. Now, I believe in the great.”